14 Oct 2011

Segi College Kuala Lumpur Job Affair

Note : This is my assignment entry.


Segi College Kuala Lumpur having a job affair on last Wednesday. There is a lot of company which is related to job site joining this job affair such as Jobstreet.com, Jenjobs.com, Great Eastern and Hoste Solution Sdn Bhd.

On Jobstreet.com site, they offered the student to register for free on their official websites. According to the man who managed Jobstreet.com site he said “We offered the students to register on our official websites to make sure the students will get job after they finished their study here. They need to submit their resume first, and then our company will help them to find their dream job”.

On Great Eastern and Hoste Solution Sdn Bhd site they offered the students to fill up the form they given. There is also a list of choices vacancies in their companies for student to apply it after they finish their study.

According to Marwan Hashim, a student from Segi College Kuala Lumpur, he said “I’m so excited to come for this job affair. I hope this job affair will help and guide me before I finish my study and seeking for a job. I’m sure this job affair will help so many students who just finish their study to find their dream job”.

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