26 Nov 2011

Assignment 3 (ANIMALS): "Abu, the Cat Lost At Pandan Jaya"

Abu the cat, as shown in the picture above had been missing for three months according to his owner, Eda Faridah. She had adopted Abu since he’s born and he is 1 year and 10 months now.

“I usually let him play outside in the afternoon and as usually at the evening he will come back home. He usually knows the way to come back to his home. Until one week before Ramadhan this year, he is suddenly missing and not come back to me” said Eda.

According to Eda, she had searching Abu everywhere around her house and in all Pandan Jaya area. But he can’t find Abu. She’s also gets some information from her neighbor who saw Abu sitting in front of 7eleven Pandan Jaya.

“I’m rushing search him after I get the info from my neighbor. I come to the 7eleven for three days and three nights just for search Abu but still I felt disappointed at last because I can’t find him” Eda said.

Abu, a 1 year and 10 months cat with a grey polka dot spots on his body is still missing around Pandan Jaya. If everyone who found the cat can kindly give the information to his owner, Eda Faridah through her contacts no 017-3622001.

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