9 Oct 2009


y u didnt noe dat im always miss u every sec every minutes every day :((

every time u busy didnt u remember me ? :((

i wna u noe dat i miss u a lot.. :((

i always wna massage u everytime like before..

but im afraid coz u've said to me dat u dunt love massaging

u wna have a time wif ur family frens so let it b..

i wont dsturb u..

i wont massage u often like before

even it is hard to me

if u msg me so then i'll reply

it just i wna u noe dat i miss u soo much ryte now.. :(


  1. alaa ciannye kwn aq neyh . sedeyh lak aq bce . lg2 ble dgr lgu my all neyh . huhuhu

    btw follow blog bru aq tau . miamigomiamor.blogspot.com . dua2 blog aq active .


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