22 Jun 2009

sayang, i miss u n will always miss u... :(

To only him which is my sweetheart, my sayang, my life n my soul.. He's d reason y im create my entri dis time. He is d man n d only person dat always 'bertakhta' in my heart. Im was d luckiest person to have him in my life.

He's Muhd Farid bin Haron. Sayang, i swear dat i really love u sayang. Only u. I'll waiting d moment dat u will make me ur's. 4eva your's. N, u r mine, foreva mine. :)

Its only left about 6days u'll go. Go for ur further study. For ur ambition to make it reality. For mama papa dreams and hope 4 u, u wna make them happy. I noe dat. U r such a kind n good son dear. I'm really proud to have wif me a nice guys like u sayang in my life ever. :)

But, u'll go.. Left me alone here. Even u promise me dat u'll call me n msage me often, i will always miss u sayang. Tiap hari kite jumpe kan sayang. Kita mana boleh ta jumpe even sehari pun. If can, every minute we'r together. It seem we'r like belangkas dah. But, I dunt care wat people tinking bout us when everyday kita jumpe. For me to meet u is important for me. Very important. Noting else is important then dis.

But, now when im thinking back all d thing bout ur study i feel like i'll will will will will miss u much sayang. Sangat2 taw. :( I'm really sad n out of mood when my lecturer said whole dis week we'r got clasess! wat the vavi! I've already plan n u too ryte sayang.. we'r plan nak spend time together dis whole week before u'll go to upnm. I hate it! Damn hate it! Selalu ada je halangan tiap kali we'r plan bout sumthing...

U r not okey when i said dat d whole week i got classes. It's only dis friday n saturday i can spent a lot time wif u. Sayang sedihh sgt. I noe dat. But sayang simpan. Then biler kat ym baru sayang cakap. U said u miss me a lot. U said becouse d last minute macam ni kita cannot spent d whole week together. If u sad sayang, I'm d one dat is twice sad than u. :(

But sayang.. we'r okey than. ....... im still sad actually...

Sayang, i hope that when u go to upnm focus in ur study. Remember me always taw! Remember me. I'll not let u not gonna miss me. I'll make sure dat! Remember taw kite deal dah nak dapat 3.5 above. So, study hard! Bile sayang cuti, n u r not tired come here la sayang.c me. I'm d one who miss u much! :( Jangan menggatal. Jaga diri elok2. Jangan tinggal solat. That is important taw. :(( Gud luck sayang. Make me n mama papa proud of u taw! Sayang......... again i said I LOVE U honestly! Sangat2!! :( I gonna miss u a lot sayang... I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U!


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  2. omGOSH
    so sad!
    at least u guys cn meet kn..
    relax k?
    stdy lek lok..
    u nvr said good bye 2 me oso :(

  3. die gi belaja x sibuk sgt . saya dgn bf saya ? :( knp mcm ni Faridah .

  4. :) i'll never ever forget u baby i swear!

  5. i love u sayang. :) i'll keep ur promise taw. :)

  6. laa... ira.. tamao a camtuhh. eda wishh ira success k. :) study elok2!


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