9 Sep 2009

New updates !

Alright, after all, still got 2 more jabatan we need to call them untuk make sure bout our college. Dis 2 are d last 1 we'll check out. Hope soo good news will arrive later. gahahaha. :)

After i meet a lot of people n i'm was worried pasal they mostly talking bout sumthing bad bout our college. But, 1 'miss' make me n d others open up our mind. Think it in positively ways. N a lot of positive things she share wif her. N she told us to check wif dis 2more jabatan then later we'll truely get d true answer. :)

I think d news myb just 'khabar angin' la. Im just 50 50 la ryte now. Tapi, after meet dat miss im getting well n rasa ok la. :) But, pape pun. We'll call them tomorrow. :) GUD NEWS GUD NEWS here u come!!

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