2 Jan 2010

duit oh duit !

Dis *&% i'll go back to my college to collect my refund money amount rm#00.00 above if im not wrong. Total up wif PTPTN money for duit saku RM39#.00. So, d amount was getting around 1k sumthing i got only for dis month. I dont know why lucky always come's to me.. Alhamdullillah :) Just imagine, i just planned dis holiday wna find a job because seriously im desperately dont have enough money for next few months for myself. Im always felt like wna crying when im thinking back all about my own financing.. Im too boros ! argh ! Then, miracle cames to me when, yesterday when i went to my college for sttle up my payment, kak fida told me to come back. Then i ask her why ? Then she told me, come back to collect your money rm#00.00 for d refunds before. Its only you got it because u payed cashed to me. Oh ! Tanks Allah. So, conclusion, no need to work ! :)) I wna shopping baju, kasut n also beg. This February my mom give me a money gain for shopping because she got a bonus. So, mybe dat money i'll keep it in my bank. hehe. Already make a budget ! Dunt wna boros2 anymore. hehee.


  1. money2!!!huh..such big prob out of my mind!!

  2. ariff : hahaa tanks. :) yup2. i;ll not boros2 da. hehe

  3. missiesya : yea ! taw tape. i;ll always got a problem when its come to money. ayakk. haha

  4. takpe, duit senang cari skrg ni.. tak caya? meh lwt blog SYa.. yay!


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