28 Dec 2009


I do love u wif all of my heart. Romantic for me doesn't mean anything. I just wna u love me wif all of ur heart. That completely enough for me.. I cant live without u even once.. I really need u beside me to complete the real meaning of my life.. I do love u :( Never said that we are not long lasting.. It completely make me down and crying.. Just said u love me love me and love me if u are truly in love wif me.. But if u don't.. Just hate me as much as u can.. I know myself was born just to be an annoying person.. :(( I hate myself but I do love you..



  1. oit syg apsal plak neyh ? adoi sedeyh tul bce n dgr lagu page ang neyh . pe kes lak neyh ?

  2. :) tak de apala amelia kuh sayang. biasa la laki bini kadang2 gado. gado pasal ko la ni amek turn aku, ko kan bini no2. ahahaa :p

  3. da idup bermadu cmni ar nasib nye . hahahaha


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