26 Dec 2009

Time turned so fast..

I cant believed it. Time was turned so fast.. Tomorrow or mybe today was d last time i'll meet sayang before he go back to his college Lumayan at Seri Permaisuri. I felt pity to him because he's not ready yet to go back to his university and start studying. If laa he can got a holiday same wif me kan best. ayakk. Then for sure we'll menjoli and dating puas2. wahhaa. But but, soo sad laa coz next week he'll start his class la. And he'll in semester two too. Its mean sayang need to focus more on his study then before. For sure cannot see and dating wif sayang almost everyday like we did before. huk2 :( Sayang i'll miss u sayangg. Gud Luck sayang ! Study elok2 okey got higher pointer for semester 2 ok sayang and also dont forget ur cutety here :) hehe. I love u la sweetheart. Miss u miss u miss u miss u. :(

* wna blogging bout our date today but sayang tak kasi pic lagi. ayakk :(

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